Public Agent

WHAT IS Fake Public Agent?

Here you’ll see Czech babes who answer a modeling ad or are randomly approached on the street by a guy claiming to be an agent. They try to play coy, but he convinces them to get nude, give him head and let him fuck them until he cums on, or in, them. The update schedule is good and the quality is high, so come and check out this fun Czech reality site.




rabbit-reviewReview by Chris Parker

Porn has taught me many valuable lessons that reshaped my world view, because apparently I can be pretty naïve about many things. For example, Public Agent educated me on how beautiful the women in the Czech Republic are. Actually, I sort of knew that, because porn these days is inundated with Czech beauties, but this site confirms it. So the real learning comes in discovering that they will cum with a complete stranger in public for a price.

Okay, the dude on PublicAgent isn’t really approaching random girls he’s never met before, convincing them to not only give him a blowjob, but also have full-on sex, often without a condom, yet the setup is somehow more convincing here. Perhaps it’s because the interviews and negotiations are in Czech with English subtitles, which makes the dialogue and acting more believable.

With American sites you can’t always suspend your disbelief, but here you can really enjoy the fantasy. It also helps that although these babes are pornstar-hot, they don’t have instantly recognizable faces. They still have an innocence about them that makes you think they could be your typical girl-next-door.

They don’t immediately agree to go all the way either, so you’ll watch about 10 minutes of chit-chat and pay negotiations before the action gets underway. I should mention that a chick who gets creampied seems genuinely pissed about it, so maybe some elements aren’t just down to fine acting. They’re also being offered 20,000 to 50,000 Czech Republic Korunas (just over $1,000 to $2,500 USD) for the honor.

The 483 videos (no photos) are shot POV, so you really feel like you’re part of the action. You can stream them in an embedded and download them. The best resolutions is a Full HD option that’s pretty spectacular. It’s definitely the format to go with if you want to see the girls get boned in the highest possible quality.

The interface is decent, but there’s an issue when it comes to browsing the content in that everything is spread across numerous pages and you can only jump ahead or back by a few at a time. The only two pages you can go to whenever you want are the first and last ones. But the site does have some good features. Members are welcome to “like” or “dislike” the scenes as well as post comments, use tags and track all their favorites.

When you join, you get more than just the videos. You also get access to the entire Fake Hub network, including Fake Agent UKFake Hospital and Fake Taxi. You can usually count on getting a couple of new movies each week, so the site continues to grow and get better. With that in mind, Public Agent is a fun Czech reality site.