Pornhub PremiumWHAT IS Pornhub Premium?

Get access to Pornhub’s Premium tier of content that includes full length and Full HD videos from top porn sites like Brazzers, Reality Kings and Fake Hub. You’ll also get access to thousands of DVDs. The collection has just about every sort of sexual fantasy you could ask for and stars nearly every porn star on the planet. The price is right, too, getting you unlimited access to all of their content.

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Pornhub is pretty much a synonym for ‘free porn’ these days and most warm-blooded men and women have clicked on to the mega porn site at least once before. But now the site that offers so much wants to offer even more: a ‘Premium’ tier of content that will cost you a modest fee each month.

In some ways Pornhub wants to be the Netflix of porn – only there are quite a few sites out there that you could argue have been the Netflix of porn before Netflix even existed. Specifically, a site called Videobox offers a lot of what Pornhub Premium does though the sites are different in many ways, too.

For starters, Pornhub is a site you’re already familiar with. You know how to search and browse their massive catalog of free scenes and I’m happy to tell you there isn’t much difference when it comes to browsing their Premium porn scenes, which can be as simple as checking a Premium Only option in their search toolbar.

Where your Premium membership makes the difference is with the quality and length of the movies you can browse. Almost all of the catalog can be streamed in HD, and a lot of it can even be streamed in Full HD. And these aren’t clips – they are full length scenes.

Pornhub doesn’t produce porn for its Premium tier, instead it partners with existing producers. You’ll find content from BrazzersReality KingsMofosFake Hub and – as well as hundreds of others. They also have thousands of DVDs here. This all bears a lot of similarity to Videobox, which is built on DVDs and also has premium channels with content from porn sites.

There are over 58,000 movies at Pornhub Premium channels and over 15,000 full length DVDs which means this the Premium tier at Pornhub alone is as big as the biggest porn mega sites out there.

The volume of content here alone ensures you’ll find every porn star, every amateur girl, and ever fantasy you could imagine. If you want to see petite 18 year old girls getting ass fucked by big black cocks, you can. If you want to see busty MILFs having their tits fucked and cummed on, you can. If you want to see hot lesbian chicks fucking and cumming on each other with strapon cocks, you can. There’s everything from your typical hardcore sex to fetishes like BDSM, peeing, bisexual threesomes and shemales.

New material is added constantly as well, though I didn’t see dates on the Premium Videos. All of these scenes no matter the source will be available for streaming-only. There are no downloads.

A few words on the variety of sources here. If you go into the Channels area and see the thousands of sites with their own channels, try not to get too excited. Not all of these Channels release Premium full length movies and even those that do won’t offer their entire collections.

Pornhub Premium, in this way, does feel a bit more like Netflix. The collection is big, there’s a mix of new releases and stuff from the last 20-30 years, but they don’t always carry the full series and a lot of great movies aren’t included at all. For example, Mofos has over 900 clips at Pornhub but only 15 premium movies.

But this is not a criticism. It’s an explanation and I really think a Pornhub Premium pass makes great sense for most porn surfers, especially those that find themselves hunting for the longer and full length free clips at tube sites. A Premium pass here lets you skip the hassle, unlocking a massive collection of HD and full length videos from top sites and DVD series.

There is one other way to use a Premium pass for those who are heavy porn consumers: a testing ground. For a low fee each month you can enjoy full movies from tons of sites and get more than a teaser clip to decide if you want a membership at their site. If you’ve been watching a lot of porn or joined many porn sites in the past, you’ll no doubt recognize the value of full length movies compared to samples for seeing how well the site delivers on its promises.


Pornhub Premium is very much a premium version of the site: full length Full HD scenes to stream from top porn sites and DVD studios. The monthly fee is comparable to a Netflix subscription and there’s a whole lot of porn here on a site you no doubt already know how to browse and search. For those after convenience, quality and quantity a Premium membership at Pornhub will be a great idea.


I named them in the review already: Videobox. This mega site is very similar to Pornhub Premium but it has more DVD porn than content from porn paysite partners. The collection is huge, they have some cool tools like clip makes and unique ways to browse their scenes. They also have a very affordable price tag!

ZTOD strikes me as a site to suggest here as an option. Full HD downloads and streams, thousands of videos, busty porn star babes, great hardcore and lesbian fucking from top porn studios Zero Tolerance, Third Degree Movies and Black Ice.