Fake Taxi

WHAT IS Fake Fake Taxi?


This horny taxi driver really knows his way around the streets – and a woman’s pants! He offers hot girls money in exchange for sex and they all oblige. Sometimes he doesn’t cough up the cash or he pisses them off and they can get pretty angry at being duped. The videos are in a Full HD format, new ones get posted regularly and there are good bonus sites.




rabbit-reviewReview by Chris Parker

I always worry that I don’t have enough money for a cab when I go out, but the chicks in England shouldn’t worry about that. See, there’s this guy who trolls about in a taxi and he’ll give you a ride for free – if you’re willing to pay the right price. And that price is usually paid with pussy in his Fake Taxi.

Okay, the dude behind the wheel isn’t always so charitable. Sometimes the chicks don’t have enough cash and he kind of only leaves them one choice. Moreover, some of the girls don’t always hammer out the terms of the agreement before the sex begins and usually end up getting the bum end of the deal, like no cash at all or a creampie when they didn’t bargain on it (and at least one girl literally gets a “bum” deal).

FakeTaxi looks good, but the design isn’t perfect. The main problem is the way you’re forced to browse the content. Everything is spread across multiple pages and you can only browse by a few of them at a time – you can jump to the first or last page at any time though. You can save your favorites at least, so that helps.

When the chick gets into the car, there’s a bit of friendly conversation before the driver climbs into the backseat. The gals really do seem iffy at first, but they get into it. There’s even a couple who allows their chauffeur to participate. The driver’s face is always blurred out, so you have no idea what this bloke really looks like. Save for the preview images, there aren’t any photos.

With the content being dated, it’s easy to see that updates are every Thursday and Sunday. There are currently 454 videos of backseat boning and you’ll find a decent-sized thumbnail of the babe sitting in the car. The flicks can be downloaded in a few MP4 formats, including a Full HD one and you can also stream them in an embedded player. Each has a long description and lots of tags.

These girls are really hot, too. One is supposed to be an escort who had a disappointing night and the taxi driver really gives her quite the ride! Another gal who hops in his cab is a pornstar and she goes wild for him. That is, until he unleashes his wad inside her and she freaks. His defense? “Well, you’re a pornstar. Didn’t think it’d be a big deal!” He doesn’t pay her and leaves her running behind his car. I think he also made off with her Louis Vuitton purse by accident. Ouch.

This cab driver is crafty and he really manages to pick up some nice trim. I applaud the quality and exclusivity as well. You can also browse a few bonus sites from the Fake Hub network, including Fake Agent and Fake Hospital. In the end, if you like backseat hookups, then Fake Taxi might be something you can honk your horn to.