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What’s better than a reality porn site? How about getting access to hot content from several different ones? The action here is high in quality, with lesbian hookups as well as lots of straight sex.

Updates are every day, so there’s really no reason you shouldn’t join this mega-site. Well, unless you believe that you really can have too much of a good thing.

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Fake Hub Porn Review


Review by Chris Parker

Fake Hub is the hub for a network of sites. The “fake” refers to the reality theme that unfolds on each. Many sites these days have moved into doing gonzo porn. Even if they produce content with more of a setup, they’re often using well-known pornstars and aren’t trying very hard to hide the fact that you’re merely seeing a fantasy played out. However, this network brings you eight sites that try to recreate real people caught on film. Are the scenes always convincing? Yes and no.

I think the most plausible setups appear on Fake AgentFemale AgentFake Agent UK and Public Agent. I mean, the concept of a casting couch is definitely not a figment of someone’s pornographic imagination. It’s a real thing that happens in the mainstream fashion and film industries. Granted, not every scene on every site is going to the best or consist of a convincing buildup of events, but you can probably suspend your disbelief.

On Fake Hospital you get a mix of reality and voyeur porn. Girls go to the doctor for their yearly physical, unaware of all the hidden cameras in the examination room. As you can imagine, the checkups get very intimate. With Fake Taxi, I imagine there have been customers in real life who propositioned a taxi driver for a ride after a late night out at the club, but these scenes take place in broad daylight with very sober women who hardly seem like freeloaders.

Then you’ve got Fake Cop. It features a police officer who fucks the stunning babes he encounters while working. The newest site is Fake Hub Originals that sells itself as “the ultimate spot for all your roleplaying porn needs.”

You’ll find more than 2,584 videos when you combine the content from all the sites and they provide you with Full HD MP4s. Although these scenes are staged in a studio in some cases, there aren’t any photo sets capturing the action. What you will find though are English subtitles, as the language they’re speaking is usually Czech.

You can “like” or “dislike” the videos, post comments and track all your favorites. You can sort your view based on posting date, most liked, most viewed and title. The “description & categories” tab on each video page gives you exactly that – I really liked how detailed the descriptions were. You won’t find an advanced search engine, but there’s a basic one. There’s also a model index with basic stats on each girl and links to all her scenes. Overall it’s a great interface, but they could have better pagination as you can only browse by a few pages at a time.

New content gets added to the network every day, so clearly you’re not at risk of running out of fresh content here and the quality is always high. In the end, Fake Hub earns a very genuine and hearty recommendation! This is a great network for fans of reality porn.