WHAT IS Dare Dorm?


Sexy coeds film their sexual escapades and then submit them to this site. If it’s voted the best by the producers they can win $1,000. They get it on in their dorm rooms and the orgies sometimes spill into the hallways! You can stream and download the videos with many being great in quality and some in Full HD. It’s a fun site if you like coeds in action.







rabbit-reviewReview by Will Peters

When I was in university I lived in an apartment. Yes, I did have some fun times there, but the one thing that watching all this porn has made me regret is that I didn’t live in a dorm. Dare Dorm is yet another amateur college site exposing the horny underbelly of what college students are all about: partying and fucking.

At launch, the DareDorm premise was that real college students were filming themselves having sex or capturing threesomes or orgies on film. They were then supposedly submitting them to compete for cash prizes and the tour even claimed to have handed out a $10,000 prize to some sex-crazed students in Texas. Nowadays, they still mention “user-submitted” updates, but there’s no longer any obvious mention of prizes or a link to submit footage.

It’s always been a bit farfetched to think the content is homemade. Even if many of the participants could pass for amateur coeds, everybody is pretty damn good-looking. While panning through these scenes of debauchery you’d expect the camera to catch sight of at least one creepy guy masturbating alone in a corner, or maybe a nerdy girl in glasses trying to study mid-orgy.

Also, while much of the content doesn’t feel staged, there are a few forced moments in some of the movies. For example, it seems unnatural how some scenes end with the folks robotically reciting the sitename while staring into the camera. And they’re trying too hard to create a sense of realism when in some cases the people go out of their way to joke about what will happen if they get caught by the RAs and how much trouble everyone will be in.

Moreover, at this point there are 155 videos with vid caps, so you’d think that if that many dorms were filming orgies, we’d have heard by now of a college sex scandal involving coeds shooting orgy porn. At any rate, the movies are around 50 minutes long, which is great. Whether you choose to stream or download the flicks, you can expect great-quality playback, with the newest in Full HD.

And though it looks like a new scene gets posted at least once or twice a month, they seem to be rotating content given that the amount fluctuates. One piece of good news is that you get access to nearly a half-dozen other GF Leaks sites, including GF RevengeCrazy College GFs and Black GFs.

In the end I have pretty much only good things to say about the movies, even if the rotating content thing is a bit of a letdown. I mean, who doesn’t love to watch coeds get wild and have lots of sex? All in all, Dare Dorm offers a good amount of downloadable high-quality content. And access to the rest of the network makes it even more enticing to join.